Opportunities for gender in the transformation of the rural space

Opportunities for gender in the transformation of the rural space

In 2015, the Platform commissioned a paper on the “Implications of Agenda 2030 for Rural Development”. Previously, the Paris and Busan declarations had been the cornerstones of the Platforms objectives, but in order to find resonance within the broader scope of the SDGs, the Platform had a strategic soul searching (Strategic Initiative Agenda 2030 and analysis) on how best to deliver for Agenda 2030. One of the most important issues that emerged was a need to apply a more holistic approach to rural development, one which goes beyond framing actions for food security and economic growth only around SDG 2. The paper argued that the Platform should use related entry and influence points such as SDG 8 on jobs and SDG 5 on gender equality.


“Women’s share of agricultural labour is rising in a number of countries, and exceeds half the labour force in others, giving rise to the term ‘feminisation of agricultural labour.’”

Women’s expanding roles in agriculture may bring improvements to their financial empowerment through income generating activities such as wage labour in contract farming. They may also have increased decision making opportunities because of male outmigration. It is however not assured that wages or even remittances which may be sent by migrant men ease constraints on rural households. Women may have to work more or hire labour to compensate for lost workforce, and at the same time maintain their household duties…

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Lucrezia - Massimo Stanzione
Lucrezia – Massimo Stanzione

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