Discovery of Gene Controlling Shape and Size of Wheat Spikelets Could Shape Future Crops

A new study conducted by a research team from John Innes Centre (JIC) has isolated a gene that controls the shape and size of wheat spikelets. The study focused on the genetics behind a specific mutant trait in bread wheat known as paired spikelets, where a wheat inflorescence is formed of two spikelets instead of the usual one. This trait, which bears resemblance to flower production in corn and rice, is a variation that could lead to increase in yield.

Using a range of techniques, researchers investigated wheat lines that display paired spikelets, derived from a mapping population called a multi-parent advanced generation intercross (MAGIC); a population of spring wheat created as a tool to study and identify the genetic origins of relevant traits. The study revealed a gene called TEOSINTE BRANCHED1 (TB1) regulates wheat inflorescence architecture, promoting paired spikelets through a mechanism which delays flowering and reduces the expression of genes that control the development of lateral branches called spikelets…

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Caduta degli angeli ribelli - Pieter Brueghel Il Vecchio

Caduta degli angeli ribelli – Pieter Brueghel Il Vecchio


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