Climate change adaptation and food security for future generations

– Challenges, Opportunities and Funding streams –

  1. Traditional Seeds, the context:

When it comes to the preservation, maintenance and enhancement of agricultural biodiversity the diverse and robust seed systems are central to sustainable food systems that are renewable, resilient, equitable, diverse, healthy, and interconnected.

There is a common consensus among a broad range of stakeholders including plant breeders, seed companies, farmers, academics, foundation staff, and many others with the associated disparities of opinion. Seed systems are a vast area of exploration and are dusted with strong beliefs and sometimes firmly held philosophies.  There is consensus that the value of resilient and diverse seed systems goes far beyond any economic measure:  community based seed systems are connected to diverse cultural and culinary traditions, health and wellness, resilient agroecological landscapes and sustainable local economies. What is more, maintaining and enhancing agricultural biodiversity is critical in light of global challenges such as climate change, CULTURAL LEGACY and therefore food and nutrition security…

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Veduta di Arles con iris, 1888

Veduta di Arles con iris, 1888


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