The future is in scientific research

We must all be aware that we are living in a time where universal scientific knowledge has incredibly grown, from the infinitely huge cosmos to the world of the infinitely tiny. The result has been a great development of new technologies in all sectors, which have led to significant changes.
If we simply take into consideration our daily life today, we notice a widespread and higher average level of living standards, easy to see compared to that of the last 70 years. Although there is no lack of the new poor, as well as the new rich, in a social reality altogether different from that of sharply contrasting classes. We realize that our way of thinking, being and acting have changed. The changes (I do not say progress to avoid useless discussions with those who always regret something) have been considerable. It is enough to try listing them in order to understand that the essential engine has always resulted from science’s progressive achievements, starting with those related to our health and longevity.
This clear acknowledgement is the first and necessary consideration.
Many countries have understood science’s great value and are supporting research by increasing investments. The resulting technologies are necessary elements for developing the competitive innovations that enable businesses – whether small, medium or large – to grow, especially in a market that tends to be globalized.
In our country, unfortunately, a large part of public facilities devoted to research are suffering, not just because of a lack of financing, but also because of inadequate overall organization. In the agricultural sciences sector, for example, the institutional structures are fragmented and with jurisdiction divided among six different ministries. An authoritative study group has analyzed this fact and formulated proposals that have been publicly discussed several times. The proceedings have been published and sent to the ministries concerned. No sign of acknowledgement has even been received for such an extensive and documented collaborative effort, offered on a silver platter…
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Norham Castle Summers Morn, William Turner

Norham Castle Summers Morn, William Turner


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