Report from the Commission to the Council and the European Parliament on the development of plant proteins in the European Union


The production and sourcing of plant proteins for the agri-food sector has repeatedly stimulated political debate at EU level. This Report is intended to meet the Commission’s commitment taken during the adoption process for Regulation (EU) 2017/2393, to review the supply and demand situation for plant proteins in the EU and to explore possibilities to further develop their production in an economically and environmentally sound way.
In addition, the European Parliament adopted a Report in April 2018 calling for a European strategy to promote European protein crops1.
This Report summarises the work carried out by the Commission in response to this commitment, by analysing the protein sector in the EU. This process involved stakeholders and representatives of Member States by means of a survey; 4 expert workshops in Belgium, Romania, France and the Netherlands; bilateral discussions in Member States as well as an external study on the market potential for EU-grown plant proteins.

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Monet Effetto di neve, sole al tramonto, 1875