Innovation in oenology: which future

Problems related to wine production are calling for serious reflection, as in the last few years the consumer information systems, habits, preferences and expectations have changed, as have competitors.
Italian wine has long established its role in the world market, providing products with adequate quality/price ratio. However, if not considered carefully, some critical issues, including the booming production in countries like Australia, the United States and some Latin American countries, could lead to a loss in the value of Italian wine production.
The wine market is therefore spurred by two contrasting situations. On the one hand is the increasing push for retail space for wines from new producing countries; on the other is a qualification action to preserve wines with a strong wine-growing and wine-making tradition tied to a region that finds its most important area in Europe and, particularly, in Italy.
It is clear that the Italian wine production system should further communicate its ability to produce wines with a recognizable, prized, and diverse quality with respect to the competition as well as its ability to adapt quickly to environmental and social changes in the surrounding conditions. Therefore, wine production generally and wine quality specifically must not be considered unchangeable but rather as being dynamic…
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Llanrwst, William Turner

Llanrwst, William Turner


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